Choppy slow playback

Hi, I have edited a full 8-minute film with HitFilm in the past, it was pretty complex I had no problems at all, Now, I am testing a simple masking effect with two clips in the compositing section. I try to play it back in the editor and it is all choppy i don't understand. its running 4 fps or something. I have 32GB of ram so I know that isn't an issue. and I have edited a very big project a week before with 100 clips not just one. Somebody please help


  • What are your other system specs?  CPU, GPU, hard drive, OS version?  Also, which specific version of HitFilm are you running?

    32GB of RAM may help for some things, but HitFilm does a LOT of its work with the GPU, so that will play a big part in performance.

    Also keep in mind that playing back a comp isn't the same thing as playing back a media file.  HitFilm isn't just accessing raw frame data.  It has to build each frame based on what the comp is doing, then pass that to the editor for playback.  And yes, even simple comps can become sluggish in that scenario.  If you're no longer editing the comp, you can proxy it, which will essentially create a render that HitFilm can parse more rapidly, but proxies are notorious hard drive hogs.

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