Indiana Jones Style Animated Map

Any ideas on how I can created a map with an animated path that is revealed from point to point much like in the Indiana Jones movies?  I saw a tutorial for After Effects that used a write on effect but I can't seem to find anything similar in Hitfilm. 


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    These might help
    or this...

    I would use the 'draw the line in an image editor and then reveal using a mask' approach but there might be something new in Hitfilm since those posts

  • Additionally I would think the Neon Path effect could give something useful. You would use an open ended mask path and keyframe the extension parameter.

    I am reasonably sure Neon Path is a Pro only effect.

  • If I would have looked a little closer in the forum I would have seen the discussions you mentioned.    What I did was duplicate my map and drew the path on it, brought both into Hitfilm and revealed the path with a mask.  I'll look in to the Neon Path effect too. 


    Thanks a lot for the input.

  • Care to share the procedure and the result you have? Would appreciate any reference. Thanks

  • Actually, preparing two versions of the map and revealing with a mask is a valid method, and different from the methods discussed in the other threads. 

    Don't feel bad about not finding the other threads. This forum doesn't have the best search function. 

  • "Don't feel bad about not finding the other threads. This forum doesn't have the best search function."

    Unfortunately true

    I remembered seeing it before but failed to find it using the forum search because it seems to use 'or' logic. Had to google it. 


  • @tonyg true, but I still give Parayah credit for finding his own solution, and one that's just a little different from the several solutions we gurus tossed out. :)

    @roven Parayah's solution is easy. In a photo editor he prepared two versions of the map. One with no path, one with the path. Then he either animated a mask, or used a wipe transition to reveal the version with the path. Look in the threads tonyg linked for some other solutions. 

    Parayah, Neon Path is Pro-only. If you have Pro, check the Hitfilm YouTube channel for the "EKG" tutorial. It shows what you need to know. :) 

  • Alright I will take a look. Thanks

  • @Triem23 ; I do have Hitfilm Pro soI'll be sure to check out the EKG Tutorial.  I definitely appreciate everyone's input.  Thanks! 

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