Ignite Pro issues within After Effects

Having a few problems with Ignite Pro 2017 within After Effects.

Frequent crashes which cite Ignite in the error messages, particularly with Auto light flares, which I use a lot.

Also a problem which seems to occur across all plugins in that if you apply them in a precomp, they will then affect all layers below in the main comp.

I also frequently get an error message about "data leaks" from Ignite plugins after I close AFX. They don't seem to affect usage, but should I be concerned about them?

You may very well respond that these issues have been addressed in the latest version. In which case, the other problem I have with Ignite 2017 is that I bought it at the very beginning of October, unaware that a new version was imminent or that I would be just outside the 30 day window for a free upgrade. So how come brand new customers get a year of free upgrades, but existing customers have to pay for them after 30 days?


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