Cross Dissolve reduces the opacity of the second composite shot

I am using Hitfilm Express 2017 to create a photo montage. When I used the Cross Dissolve transition between two composite shots, the second composite shots suddenly becomes partially transparent. This is only happening to on of the composite shots I have which is very peculiar. I made sure that the opacity is 100%. Does anyone have any idea how to solve this issue?


  • @Rattleznake Can you explain a bit more what you're doing and what you are expecting to see? I have just tried the Cross Dissolve transition between two comps and it seems to work as intended.

    Maybe you could post a screenshot of what result you get?

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  • @Rattleznake What is the content of both "ChineseNewYear" and "Music" composite shots? What dimensions are they?

    If "Music" doesn't contain video then it is normal behaviour. You are asking HitFilm to do a Cross Dissolve of an image and a fully transparent image, so the resulting image is a semi transparent image.

  •  "ChineseNewYear" and "Music" are just pictures that are scaled 1920 by 1080 with 2D zoom and pan movements only and I've checked that they are both at 100% opacity. I tried switching the composite shots with some other ones in my timeline but the same issue appears at the same point in the timeline.

  • This can happen if the shot that is ending has empty frames at the end. It duplicates that last frame

    Check that the end of the comp shot layer fills the entire duration.

  • This can also happen if you haven't allowed for overlap frames at the beginning of the second Composite Shot. If you are using the full frame count of both comps on the Editor Timeline then adding the dissolve, then you haven't left data for the transition to use. The duration of the transition needs to be sliced from the end of the outgoing shot and beginning of the incoming shot to leave unused frames for the fade. 

  •  Thanks PixlPants, the first composite shot was not of full duration. Fixed it and now it works!

  • @Triem23 That's not required. If your shots are too short it will extend the first or last frames to the length required by the transition.
    There was a bug in HF3 where it forgot to do that on a Proxied version which was fixed in HF4.

  • @Palacono While that's not necessarily required, it will look better if what @Triem23 suggests is done.  Call me crazy, but if I've taken the time to animate zoom and pan on my images in comp shots, the last thing I want is for them to suddenly freeze during a dissolve.

  • @jsbarrett I wholeheartedly agree that if you've put in some effort you want to see the results, but there have been times I wished I'd had a freeze frame in normal footage (not a comp) where the next scene contains someone's head coming into frame or something else distracting, so I have to create either my own freeze frame for the transition, or Time Remap something to go slower through the transition so that bit isn't reached, or made a clip up to that point into a comp just so it will freeze the tail end, which is pretty much obscured by the next one coming in anyway.

    Depends on what you're trying to do I guess, ;) While it might not be aesthetically pleasing to have it freeze: it's not the source of the semi-transparent look, which we found out was because the video in the comp was too short, so it extended a freeze frame of... nothing.

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