The Mac Video Apps Thread

Attention all Mac users.  Let's use this thread to share what video tools we're using, and any we may just know about. 

As a place to start, I came across this interesting app yesterday.  MovieStorm is described as "3D animation software for all types of filmmakers.

It caught my attention because it appeared one can create complex 3D animation scenes with a point and click interface, maybe no advanced 3D skills required.    Here's a video which does a good job of introducing the software.


  • PS:  Developer says Moviestorm "will work on all MacOS apart from the latest High Sierra."

  • I'm investigating video browsers and would welcome your input.  What do you use to browse your media library?

    Here's what I've found so far:


    Reasonable price, nice interface, developer responsive to emails.  Wouldn't display about half of my old videos (perhaps for the same reason hitfilm doesn't) but this probably won't be a problem for you.  Minus the problem very few are likely to experience, a good choice.


    Free. A fifteen minute tour revealed no big problems.  Seems workable.


    Usher.   They no longer sell the latest version, but old versions available for free at above URL.   I gave the old version a spin in Yosemite OSX 10.10 and it seemed to work fine.  Simple uncluttered interface.  Probably my favorite for now.



  • In other news, here's a great photo morphing/warping app I've been using for a couple of years.

    Great for turning a still photo in to a video.  Basic keyframing.  Good company.

    A discontinued version of this software (called Morphage Pro) allows you to warp and morph videos.  Works only with OSX 10.6 or below.  Maybe still available if you buy the regular Morphage, and then beg for the Pro version very politely, promising to never ask for support or updates etc.

    I'd like to see this functionality in Hitfilm.  For example, the ability to reach in to a video and animate a face.


  • I love Motion 5, for a £50 app, it’s mighty powerful. A quick tour of Simon Ubsdell’s YouTube channel and his tutorials, shows how powerful it is. It has for me a familiar layout to adobe creative suite apps which are software packages I’ve used for over 25 years. With the plugin mObject (about to be upgraded so drastically it’s a new product) it’s my go-to app. If it handled 3D as well as hitfilm pro 4 (the version I’m stuck at due to budget limitations), I’d would probably do everything in Motion.

    For Audio and music, I use audacity and Cubasis.

  • I myself am eagerly awaiting the release of mObject 2. I've had ver 1 since it came out. Awesome!! sauce and it does handle 3D models/textures/animation pretty well especially if you have custom shader. Works a lot like Hitfilm or E3D's 3D space...

    ...back to the regularly scheduled program 

  • Thanks for the intro to Motion guys.  I'd heard of it, but didn't really get what it's about until today.  Yea, it looks pretty awesome for a quite reasonable price.

    Thanks for contributing. 

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    Trouble is mObject 2 is a complete rewrite, so bound to be fairly pricey (I asked szymon [spelling?] and he said it’s not just an upgrade this time).

  • Here's a Mac (and Windows) app that can be used to perform detailed edits to 2D images of faces.

    FaceFilter 3

    Sales Pitch Summary:  "FaceFilter3 is a versatile photo retouching and beautifying toolkit that allows you to reveal the true beauty of your photos. Utilize natural skin smoothing and blemish removal tools along with a comprehensive multi-layer makeup system complete with hundreds of templates for one-click application, not to mention morphing tools and DSLR post-effects."

    I'm experimenting with the trial version now, and am finding it more useful than I expected. Low quality photos such as for example might come off a Facebook page can be substantially improved.

    They're currently running a sale so if interested, now might be the time to act.  The standard version is only $9, and it appears to have most of the available features.

    Ok, so it's not a video tool, for 2D photos only.  But if you use 2D face photos in any of your creations, this tool can help clean them up and help them look their best.

    In related news, Photoshop Elements (entry level Photoshop) has a very easy to use feature for face manipulations.  You can adjust all elements of a face (nose, mouth, ears, head etc) to tweak an existing face, or morph the face in to someone else altogether.  A handy before/after feature allows you to see where you've been and where you're going.  Again, for 2D face photos only, not a video tool.


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