Cant import blender animations?

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So i've been at it for a couple hours now, exporting a blender animation in every format given, and i convert it to mp4 like i do all footage to edit, and i cannot import it. i even downloaded a codec converter and it cant even read the footage from blender!!! I worked for hours on this animation because i have NEVER used blender before, and the fact i cant get it into my video is a little frusturating


  • Export an image sequence and then import it to Hitfilm

  • I feel your pain.  Blender is not for the faint of heart.  I spent some time banging my head on it last year and finally bailed, life is too short for interfaces like Blender. 

    Just yesterday I came across a Blender clone which claims to have a much better interface to the same features.   It's called Beforartists.  Be-for-artists.   I don't know if it really is better.

    My very limited experience of 3D is that trying to move data from one program to another is typically problematic. 

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    @Aidanmac I have used plenty of rendered animations from blender to hitfilm. What are you setting your export video settings to in Blender? Not sure if it is any different for express as I was using 3 and 4 pro at the time and Blender 2.76.

    The crater and meteor was created and footage tracked in blender then the animation was rendered out in blender then exported to Hitfilm as an mpeg file h264 and I added in the battle cruiser inside Hitfilm along with the smoke and audio

     Hitfilm recognizes the exported video as

    container: MPEG-4

    codec: AVC / H.264

    Also as suggested by GrayMotion export them as PNG files as it makes it easier to edit individual frames.

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