Hello all,

I'm looking for some lighting advice. Nothing fancy, but I'm looking for 2 lights, 1 light stand ( I already have 1 stand and a diffuser, but the light was just a bare construction-type bulb with a clamp, and it burned[? grammar] out). I have a budget of about $100. Any advice? 



PS how was all of your turkeys (for anyone that celebrated)


  • I use these for all my videos, the light and stand can be purchased separately if you want. They're really bright when used inside, and I also purchased a few color filters as well.

  • You can usually get some pretty inexpensive work lights from hardware stores like Home Depot. As long as the bulbs are tungsten, they'll give you nice (warm) color that you can neutralize to daylight balance with a CTB gel. 

    They'll take a bit more jury rigging to control since they don't include things like barn doors or zoom control, but given the cost, a little ingenuity is worth the trade off IMO.

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