iphone 8+ and FilmicPro import

Hi guys,

I was just trying out to import a clip shot using FilmicPro on iPhone 8+ but the clip doesn't show any video in HitFilm Express, only audio is heard. The settings were 4k, 60fps and FilmicPro extreme quality.

Please advise.



  • Chances are there's something amiss with the file's construction that HitFilm doesn't like.  It's best to transcode footage before bringing it into HitFilm anyway, but in this case transcoding is a necessity.  If you're not familiar with the process, this video will help.  Yes, it's a little long, but I cannot stress enough how much easier your editing will be if you pay close attention to what's in here:


    It might also be helpful to know the specific issues with your file.  If you don't already have MediaInfo installed, go grab it.  Drop your footage into it, switch to Text mode, then copy the report and paste it in a reply here.

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