Isn't there a free upgrade during a year?

I mean, there is a year of free update with the purchase of HF Pro version ,isn't it ?
If this is right why we have  to pay for the upgrade to a new version within this year?  Minus Adobe and his subscription fee , other companies do this , so in the year you are entitled to get a new version if its released.
I'm interested in the new puppet tool but 187€ of the upgrade is very expensive for this tool.


  • Here's the situation as I understand it...

    First off, your own wording contains an important distinction.  What was in place up until now was a year of free updates, not upgrades.

    Updates are the minor between-major-version releases that mostly address small tweaks, bug fixes, etc, and there have been several of those during the past twelve months since HitFilm Pro 2017 came out.  And that's another important point: that twelve-month window of free updates was based on HitFilm's release year -- November to November -- not on the calendar year.  If you purchased Pro late in the release year (back in August, for example), you'd find yourself having to pay again for the new Pro after only using the older one for a few months.

    Upgrades refer to the major new-feature-laden releases that happened only once a year up until now, and those (to my knowledge) have never been free, including the new version that was just released.

    Starting with this version of Pro, though, the process is changing.  FXHOME will no longer be holding new features 'til the next big annual release, because there will no longer be one big annual release.  They will now roll out new features more frequently, so there will actually be upgrades (not just updates) multiple times a year.

    Once you purchase the newest Pro, your free upgrade window will be based directly on your purchase date.  So if you buy it now, you'll have free upgrades until next November.  If you buy in mid-March 2018, you'll have free upgrades until mid-March 2019.  Not only do you get real upgrades for a year, but that year will be a full year vs the possibly-short time frame under the old system (see the end of my comments above about updates).

    While this may sound similar to the subscription plan used by others, there's a key difference.  If you decide not to purchase the latest version of HitFilm Pro, you can still use whatever Pro version(s) you purchased previously, with no strings attached.  However, under some other subscription plans, letting your subscription lapse means that your software becomes completely unusable.

  • "I mean, there is a year of free update with the purchase of HF Pro version ,isn't it "

    Not with previous versions of Hitfilm. If you purchased Hitfilm 2017 then you get all updates to the 2017 version. You did not get new versions.

    With this new Hitfilm release you now get updates for one year after the date of purchase.

    FxHome develop new stuff all year long. Previously they held back certain features they developed, the big ones, for the new version typically released in November. Now they are going to release stuff once it is good to go.

    I disagree that other companies give you new versions with your "year" after purchase. The most people have done is if you purchased version X within 30-60 days before version (X+1) was released then you got the new version free or at a steep discount to a regular upgrade price.

  • @NormanPCN
    As an example , in video editors Magix does ( I got  2018 upgrade by free) or in photo & design , Seriff ( Affinity products) does equally...

    Understand it , so the policy of the year update only applies to the new version so the rest are only allowed to get a discount on the upgrade . Maybe you can do a better discount tax  if the bought was done before a year.
    I didn´t compare with subscription fees ... this is the cancer policies of Adobe and similar companies  . This was the reason (and the versatility of this program) I bought HF Pro 2017 on March ( or so, I don't remember exactly) ,  clearly I prefer to "own" the software (license) than hiring it.
    But  as I said , updates and upgrades are linked in other companies within this lapse of time ...if this is not the case, no problem, I'll save money and when possible, will do the UPGRADE.
    Thanks for the responses.

  • edited November 2017

    I have Affinity. Their policy is not based on time. It is based on version number. All 1.x updates are free for 1.x owners. Only at V2 will there be a upgrade price.

     I don't know MAGIX history other than what I have seen in their purchase of Vegas. Their policy is most certainly version number based, not on time. People who bought Vegas 14 6 months before V15 came out most certainly did not receive V15 for free. MAGIX has the common ~30 day grace period just before release of a new version. Could be different for other MAGIX products but the Vegas EULA did change when MAGIX took it over so I am assuming consistency.

    If fact their EULA is a bit odd with regard to updates in that there are possible scenarios where it could revert to the original DL. I've not tested that, but it is on the language.

  • As I said "It doesn´t matter" , was only a question , not complainning at all . I´m happy with HF Pro 2017 (even if  I miss a tool like the one implemented at this version  ¬¬ )  so I'm gonna use till I'm save enough cash to upgrade.


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