'Attract To' behavior

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Distance and target radius in attract to. Anyone know the exact meaning of these two properties?


  • Create a point, put it somewhere. Create another. Ditto. Put Attract To on one of them and Use Layer to the other. One will move to the other.

    Repel From is identical with a sign change on the Acceleration. E.g. Put both on and nothing happens. 

  • I just noticed my post was awful. I did not list the two properties of attract to that I had in question. Distance and target radius.

    My thought was that distance was a threshold for where attraction was on/off. Does not appear to be so. My layers start out farther than distance but they still attract. Target radius I think has something to do with an attraction threshold.

    I was playing with a drop, decaying bounce/oscillate. Short video to demo.


  • I haven't spent nearly as much time with the new behaviors features as with some of the others, in part because, with the exception of the rotation behavior (I don't have Pro open ATM, so I can't remember the exact name) they're the least intuitive and least predictable of all the new features.  That said, I'd love to see a demo from someone who really knows how to work some impressive magic with them.

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