Is the new Hitfilm Pro

Is the new Hitfilm pro a subscription as in every year you must upgrade or is it as the ones before where even if a new one comes out I can continue to use it even without upgrading to the latest one?


  • It's like before, once you've bought it you can keep it forever.

  • Awesome thanks will upgrade now. I always upgrade just in these times i cant always guarantee it lol. U guys are doing a awesome job and I love it and appreciate it.  I was with you guys since the FXhome days lol Every single one I have and hopefully will continue on that path. Just wanted to drop a thank you here.

  • @DrLiorVBarEl ;

    The HitFilm staff talked about this in the live YouTube Q&A they did earlier

  • Yeah, I've heard the new system described several times and I still don't understand how it works without FXHome losing a lot of money.

    1) You buy the software and you own it to use forever. (just like now)
    2) You get updates throughout the year. (just like now, only a few more)

    Only difference is the updates will be continuous, with more biggies, so at the end of 12 months: if the next update isn't interesting enough you don't upgrade and work with what you have.

    You continue to not upgrade until there have been enough updates that are worth you doing so, which might take another year. Will each increment be the one to make you splash out?  When you consider it worth it: you upgrade, get all those updates you missed in one go and also get access to 12 more monthly updates for the following year.

    So, people will reduce from updating yearly to updating every 18 months or 2 years, at a lower price than before. Win for them, lose for FXHome.

    You can only hope for their sake than the lower initial price will attract 50-100% more customers to make up the shortfall.

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    @Palacono I think that more people are going to want to purchase HitFilm, closing that delta or mirrors which leads to more Pro sales, I think you made a good guess.

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