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As "one of Your most loyal and up-to-date HitFilm user" :) I wan't to upgrade my HF2017 PRO naturally :).

In the e-mail You have wrote that update cost is $169 for now, and normal upgrade is $189. I'm living in europe, so I pay using Euros. As far as I remember, the previous cost in euros was the same amount as in dollars.

When I click the link to pay lower price, the STORE shows me €187.16. Is that right? Is is the discounted price for Europe or lowered price is applied only to US?


  • @Onixarts If I remember correctly the price in euros includes VAT, whereas the price in dollars doesn't.

  • @Onixarts also note that upgrading to HitFilm Pro won't give you Ignite as well (the plugins for other hosts). If you do want those as well then you should probably have a look at HitFilm Studio.

    Not trying to push you to do anything there, just making sure you know what you are getting before buying. You seemed like an advanced user from what I've seen you create in the past.

  •  @CedricBonnier I'm not using Ignite Pro, as I do everything in HF. But in my account I see I've got license for Ignite Pro 2017. I'm not sure if I upgrade only the HF Pro the Ignite won't be upgraded - because I don't need it.

  • @Onixarts Ignite 2017 was bundled with HitFilm 2017 whereas it's not for the new version.

    If you are not using Ignite then you can safely upgrade only HitFilm :)

    As always, do not hesitate to give us feedback here once you've had a play with the new version. We take good & bad (but constructive) feedback all the same.

  • @CedricBonnier Thanks for help. Now please excuse, I have to check out new HF :).

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