PS4 Clips Freezing in Hitfilm 4 Express

While I was editing together a compliation of Fallout 4 clips I had on my PS4, I noticed after the first day (IE yesterday), one of the first clips froze in a specific place, I thought it was lag as that is something that happens to everyone on Hitfilm 4 Express, but it wasn't it transcribed over to the MP4 file and even when I deleted the clip and replaced it, it would still freeze at the same spot. The game itself had no stutter or pause when I looked at the source video. 

I am not fully sure of my computer's specs, I know I am running an AMD A12 7th Gen with 8 gigs of ram, running on Windows 10, but aside from that I am not fully sure.


  • If you haven't already done so, install MediaInfo.  Drop the problem clip into it, switch to the Text view, then copy what you see there and paste it in here.  That may help us pinpoint the problem.

    On a different note, I recommend upgrading to HitFilm Express 2017.  I don't think it'll necessarily address your problem, but it's got improvements and fixes over the version you're using.

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