How to alter Timecode effect speed

Recently i've been messing around with the timecode effect on my videos, but i cant seem to make it go faster, if i speed up the clip it's on, it will only get shorter, and there's nothing about speed in the controls tab.


  • That's because timecode is based on time, not on speed.  It's going to show the elapsed time for any clip that has it, regardless of the speed of the clip.

    You could work around this pretty easily, though.  Drop your clip into a comp, and add the timecode effect onto it in there.  Then drop that comp onto the main Editor timeline, and change the speed of the comp there.  Because the timecode effect is now part of the comp, speeding up the comp playback speeds up both the source clip and the timecode.  The same would work if you drop your timecode-embedded comp into another comp.

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