Hitfilm causes alot of Lav Video Decoders to stack in notify icon bar.

Here's how it looks like while editing.

While editing.

And here's how it looks like while exporting the video.

While exporting.

This does not create any laggs or bother nor they pop out as windows.

When I right click them nothing happends and left click just opens a LAV Video Decoder properties. (The blue one is LAV Audio Decoder)

Is this something I should worry about?


  • It is possible that your codec pack is the cause (K-Lite)

  • Same here - not that I'd be worried. And I have the K-Lite Pack installed.

    So a stupid newb question: Is the K-Lite necessary to be installed? I did this a while ago. So what if K-Lite was uninstalled? Are the codecs needed for HF still there?

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    "Is the K-Lite necessary to be installed"


    Hitfilm does not use anything in just about any codec pack. This is true for most video editors. Most editors have fully native codec support. Video for Windows (AVI) and Quicktime (MOV) subsystems excluded. Even that is changing is each new version of the software. At least for the common codecs people actually want to use.

    K-lite installs DirectShow codecs which video editors do not use. With K-lite you have to be specific which K-lite you installed. The K-lite Mega install does install some Video for Windows (VfW) codecs. These are for AVI files only. Hitfilm does use Video for Windows. Things like the Lagarith codec and x264 Vfw (yuk!).

    Excluding the native Cineform support, you really want to avoid using Video for Windows AVI with Hitfilm for performance reasons. The K-lite Mega pack does install an ffdshow VfW codec which you really do not want. Many LongGOP codecs don't work well in AVI files so just avoid this stuff.

    K-lite is okay to install for some video players to use. Most video players use DirectShow. VLC excluded. Just don't bother with the Mega K-lite pack. Even then you often don't need it. The recent versions of Windows 7+ support the codecs you commonly want to play out of the box. Like AVC/H.264.

    Really don't install something unless you know exactly what you need from it and what app actually needs it.

  • Thanks a lot, NormanPCN

    that was enlightening!

    I have the VLC as standard player here. And MediaMonkey as audio and videoplayer. Recently I installed Mync for the organisation features.

    Will uninstall K-Lite now - and you're right:
    I did not know exactly what the heck this was doing at the time it came here

  • @Thomekk If at some point you find out you do need something for a video player, skip K-lite and just go straight for the LAV filters and call it good.


    K-Lite uses LAV filters but it also adds stuff you don't really need or want and it tries to mix and match with other things. The LAV filter package by itself is simple, complete and much safer.

  • Thanks @Aladdin4d ;  - good to know!

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