is their any one els having probles with hit film on windows 10 ?

i am trying to make a intro i go to compost shot to do it  it lets me put name in some times. i am new at all this i need videos to go throw it .is their videos out there for this ?


  • @RoyalKritzberger ; If I get the gist of your question, here is a couple of videos by Shiny Films that may help you out:

    If I got it wrong please give me some further information.

    Also, InScapeDigital's preset marketplace has at least one free Intro template that may help if you modify it:

    Unfortunately, he's had some issue with bandwidth and had to rework the download so there are no previews or thumbnails at the moment, but when you click the link to his Google Drive on the top row 7th from the left is one.  You might be able to dissect it and see how they created it to help you out.


  • thank you.. i watched him do squshy i did my Owen intro but follow  his video. when i got to plan it would not do any thing .i am not good on computers so i have to follow a video...

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