Unknown Number - My Film Riot 1 min short film

for our Film Riot 1 min Short Competition entry, we decided to go with pacing, and storytelling over heavy effects. This doesn't mean that no composition was done, as the first shot is composited, with the car being added to the frame after the fact.

lemme know what you think and any critiques


plot: On her daily run, Nicole receives a call from an unknown caller.

Unknown Number - 1 min short film


Canon EOS 70D

Canon EOS 600D

GoPro Hero 4 silver

Glidecam HD 4000

Canon 50mm 1.8

Canon 24mm 2.8

Canon 18-55mm kit lens

Rode VideoMic Pro

Manfrotto 577 Rapid Connect Adapter




  •  @MichaelSLHernandez ; The title sequence was very nicely done.  You would never know the car was added after the fact, and I really like the title reveal.  Also, you managed to in one minute to tell an entire story.  Well done.

  • edited November 2017

    @tddavis thanks a lot for the encouragement and the review. I did the car composite frame by frame. It took a while. Lol

    but putting it in was very important for the story, and the phone call. on re-watching most people pick up why


  • @MichaelSLHernandez ; Ah, damn.  Now I feel like putz.  I didn't make the connection of it being the same car at all, and it makes perfect sense too!  I did catch when she ran up to the car window that it was the caller though...so half point, I guess.

  • @tddavis lol yep. There are a bunch of easter eggs.

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