selling ignite pro plugin

hey guys ... i got this plugin a while back and decided i didnt want it anymore im willing to sell this between $160-$170 which is $9-$10 cheaper then the selling price ... was wondering from the hitfilm team is this legal to do ? as i want to purchase something that i can actually use on my adobe premiere 14 program . i am willing to give my sign in info so that the buyer can download the program and the buyer can send me the money via PayPal ... is this legal Hitfilm ?


  • I'll tag @KirstieT to confirm, but I believe that's against terms of service. 

  • ok thank you :) ... i really appreciate this program but i cant use it for what i wanted to use it for as someone from your staff told me i would be able to use it in adobe premiere 14 but i cannot 

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    or can i receive a fund ? it is pricey for something i cannot even use ... hope your team understands

  • Contact Support. They'll probably take care of you. FXHOME is good at that.

    Fyi Moderators aren't staff. We're user volunteers. 

  • ook my apologies ... is the contact support on this website or the FXHOME website ?

  • @Kiah465

    If you click "Menu" then "Support" then scroll down to the bit where it says "Can't find an answer? Ask our team" there is a link which I have copied here

    I think this is what you're looking for?

  • thank you for the support :)

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