Masks not working?

So I found out recently that when I make a mask, no selection gets made on the layer and everything is shown/blacked out (tried inverting). Whether the mask is rectangle/ellipse/freehand, it doesn't seem to work. I know I have to select mask, select layer and apply it but it just doesn't do it.

I know I might have done something wrong in this, but did anyone have the same problem? If yes, then how to fix it please? Thanks in advance.


  • By the way, the masks are set on add.

  • @Lumaxor I'm not really sure about your problem but from what little I understand about masks, I think the first is supposed to be set to add, but the following ones should be set to subtract.  I've never seen the behavior you described so I don't know if this would solve your problem or not.  Just thought I'd throw it out there.

  • @tddavis Thanks for the reply but it doesn't work either. I'll try reinstalling and see if it works.



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