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I am trying to make a loop echo to make some audio fade out instead of an abrupt stop. I had to cut out a specific sound to make this work. But after I did this, that part I wanted cuts out before it stops echoing. I extended the audio and the audio I deleted comes back. I do not want it to come back and I am not in a composite shot. How do I permanently cut out the audio? I do not want to delete the audio, I am trying to extend that part I cut out to make that long fade and not start playing the rest of the track I am using. If there are any youtube videos that can help me out too.


  • Could there be a way I could extend the audio without it coming back too?

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    I just found out I can just slow down the audio, but it changes the pitch. Maybe I can find that out myself and I won't need help. If there is an easier way I can do this please let me know so I don't have this issue in the future.

    EDIT: Dangit, rate stretch does not do it either..

  • So if I understand you correctly, you want to stop the main music at a certain point, but have a specific piece on the end continue echoing past the point where it stops. Is that correct?

    Long story short, your actual media needs to drop to silence, but the media itself needs to continue beyond that point for the echo to also continue.  Dropping the audio level of the clip in HitFilm's Editor timeline won't work because this also kills the volume of the echo.  However, you can do what you want inside of HitFilm using a composite shot.

    First, cut the audio in the Editor timeline at the point that marks the beginning of the piece that's supposed to echo.  Right-click on that piece and select "Make Composite Shot".  This should create a comp that only contains that chopped piece you want to echo.  Click the gear icon on the comp (either when viewing the comp in the comp timeline, or in the Media bin) and extend its length pretty far.  For example, if the piece to echo is a half-second, maybe set the comp to 10 seconds. It all depends on how long you want the echo to continue.

    On the main Editor timeline, extend the length of this comp to its maximum length, then drop the Echo effect onto it and adjust it to your liking.  Even though the snippet inside the comp is short, the echo is being applied to the full comp audio, not just your snippet, so it lasts as long as the comp lasts.

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