How to do a "painting" technique for opening title card

Hi All,

So, I made a short film about a painter, and I'm trying to figure out how to make the title card (basically just text) seem as though it's being painted onto the screen.

Not every stoke needs to correspond with a letter (or even parts of the letter).

What I'm looking for is sort of like the "magic marker" effect - you write something in invisible ink, and when another colored marker is brushed over the text the color (and the text) are revealed.

Anyone know how to do this is hitfilm?


  • You mean like this?

    It's pretty easy, actually.  I don't have time to do a detailed breakdown, but here's the short version:

    • In one comp I made the animated marker. Start with a white plane, make a rectangular mask, feather it, and animate that mask into place using a second feathered mask set to Intersect.  Duplicate the layer and move the left two points of the marker mask to create the second "drag", animating it on from the opposite side.  Make the third drag by moving the right two mask points.  Repeat as many times as you want for each "drag" of the marker, alternating which end the drag gets revealed.
    • In a second comp I put my black text over a white background.
    • Above the text I dropped my animated marker comp.  I applied the Invert effect and dropped the opacity to about 8% so that it looks like it's a wet marker on paper.
    • Onto the text layer, I added the Set Matte effect.  The marker layer was the source. Blend: Subtract.  Invert box checked.


  • This is pretty close to what I was thinking.

    Thank you!

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