How to scale in Pixels instead of Percentage?

I'm doing a video showing programmers and developers how an app should look and behave.  I need to scale graphics to exact pixel sizes, not percents.  How can I change the units in the Scale setting (other settings too) to pixels instead of percent?

Is it possible or is it for the wish list?


  • I think you'll need a calculator.

    Add it to the wishlist, as it would sometimes be nice to be able to say make this thing 1000 pixels wide and have Hitfilm work out the height in pixels and then scale as a percentage. I use this a lot in a photo editing program, where sometimes I'll want it scaled by a certain %, and sometimes to be exactly 1200 pixels wide. Also, to unlink the Horizontal and Vertical axes so they can be adjusted separately. Internally it's easier to deal with percentages then something will fit on any size screen.

  • Units can't currently be changed, so that's definitely a wish list item.

    In the meantime, just divide the target pixel size by the source size.  For example, if a 500 pixel square image needs to become a 75 pixel square image, 75/500=0.15, or 15%.

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