Trying to take over a bunch of composite shot effects from one clip to another, is there a way?

I used this video: to make a clip look like a VHS video. I want to take this effect and apply it to another clip without doing it by hand. Is there a way to copy the composite shot effects? I've heard of presets but can't group them all together from all the different layers to save them.

Also, when I start a new composite shot for the clip I'd like to apply the effect to, This: weird window appears and I don't know how to use it. Seems connected to the goal, but not sure how to apply its function.


  • For effects spread on multiple layers, no, you can't make a single drag/drop preset. You can combine all effects on a single layer to a preset, so at least you just drag one preset on per layer. 

    You can also copy/paste the entire effects stack from one layer to another. 

    Make Composite Shot options:

    "Take Composite Shot Properties From." This is dimension/frame rate  information. Let's convert a photo that's 3000x1500. Our project is 1920x1080. If you take the properties from the clip, the comp shot is 3000x1500. If properties taken from Editor Timeline, then it's 1920x1080. Let's say we have a 1920x1080, 60fps clip in a 24fps timeline. If properties are taken from the clip, then the comp shot is 60fps. If properties taken from the Editor Timeline, then the comp is 24fps.

    "Effects and Transform Properties" Leave here means the clip is moved to a Composite Shot and the effects and transformations stay on the embedded layer on the original timeline. Move with clip means the effects and transformations move are on the layer inside the new composite and the embedded layer has no effects or transformations. You "bake in" the effects and transformations.  

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