Recreating IT Promo/Title Card Logo with Express

I do have one more question about recreating something.  I am working on a personal project where I am recreating the original IT promo from when the miniseries premiered.  I am using the new movie as the footage, just adjusting it to the 4:3 aspect ratio.  Just playing around with the trailers released awaiting the release of the movie on Blu-Ray/DVD.

The last thing that needs to be recreated is the Logo.  Here is a video of what the logo portion stuff looks like

The closest to the font I can find is Due Date.  I think you can find a version of the logo as a [picture on Google search if you just want to use that.  From what I can tell its a radial gradient background.  Plus the logo where it's zoomed in on certain portions while it fades in, and then moves in from the side then centers, then the Stephen King name wipes in.  There is flickering lights behind the logo.  Plus the sound effects.

Can this be accomplished with Hitfilm Express, or will I need to use a trial of Pro?


  • Not able to watch the video at the moment, but you can't export from the Pro trial. That's not a good option. 

    It's probably doable in Express. I just need to look at the silly thing. 

  • Yes, this can all be done in Express. Basically, the "IT" is a white text outline and black text fill. You can move/scale it in 2D or just move it in 3D. Create the "It" as it's own embedded text holder comp and the rest becomes procedural. 

    I suggest three copies of IT comp on three layers. Parent all three to a point  so they lock together as you animate. We need the point for something else, too.

     The center one is your main title, so add a fill color to that for the green, and a glow. Maybe a little Heat Distortion (turn Diffusion to 0) with a small scale and small amount for some shimmer.

    The other two copies are your light rays. Add a Fill color of cyan for color. If you have the Atmospheric Lighting add on you can use Light Rays or Auto Volumetrics. If you don't, you'll use Zoom Blur (possibly multiple instances). No matter which effect, the Hotspot/center is parented to the same point. Consider adding more Heat Distortion to both layers (no Diffusion--make certain each Heat Distortion has slightly different Seed, Scale, Amount and Animation Speed values for variety, and consider changing wind direction on each instance as well)  to add shimmer to the rays. We're using two copies--one above, one below the green title--for depth and so the glows interact.

    You probably want to turn down the Quality setting of the light rays/volumetrics/zoom blur to get rougher streaks. 

    The red text is revealed by animating a mask on a plane. It's glows use the same techniques as the IT.

    The BG is a green radical blur. It's center can be animated directly or parented to a point. 

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