Exporting Video with multiple audio tracks issue

I created a little 8 second intro clip. I used 5 audio tracks for different SFX. When I export to MP4 only one audio track is in the clip (track 2). If I play the clip in hitfilm it is exactly as intended. Project Settings are:

1920x1080 @ 60fps

Audio Sample Rate:48000 Hz

The only thing I can think of is that the 4 tracks that arent in the clip after exporting I downloaded from "Production Crate", while the clip that is playing is from another source, but still doesnt make sense to me as I have exported other videos with multiple audio tracks with no issue. Please Helpe!?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    That's a strange glitch. 

    Ok, here's an idea. Hitfilm can be odd with mp3 files with multiple ID3 tags. Usually these files won't play in Hitfilm at all, but it's the only thing I can think of. 

    So... Make a copy of the production crate files (we're making a copy so you always have a copy of the original if what we're going to try doesn't work) and maybe append the file name (add "ID3 stripped" to the end?)

    Download the ID3 editor of your choice. 


    Strip the ID3 tags from the duplicate files (note, ID3 tags are what tell a media player title, copyright, album and other information. Another reason we're doing this to a copy). 

    In Hitfilm open your project. Right Click the audio files in the media bin and select "Relink." Then choose the ID3 Stripped copy. This swaps your media files. 

    Try a re-render. 

    It's the only idea I have. Hopefully that will help. I remember another thread about an issue with Production Crate media, but don't know where it might be. Perhaps that user has input? 

  • So you hear all audio tracks when you playback in Hitfilm but only the export does not have all audio? Just making sure.

  • Norman that is exactly what is happening yes. At first it seemed random because it was playing only track 2 (after export). Then I realized that was the only track not sourced from production crate.  Triem23 thanks for the idea... I am first going to sub a few other sfx not sourced from PRod crate and see if they work, then will try your method. I am also wondering if I somehow downloaded premium content while I am just a "free member" and it won't play because of that, but that doesn't make much sense...not sure how the file would play in hitfilm but not make it to export in that scenario.  I should have a chance to work on it later and will let you know. Thanks!

  • If it (the sound media) works on the timeline playback and not during an export then I would say Hitfilm is working with the media (mostly, obviously). I think you need to contact support on this one.

  • Well, kind of embarrassing but I think I know what happened. I imported the audio files from my download folder, then moved them to my SFX folder... when I opened the project just now I got the pop up to locate and relink the files, which I did. I exported it and it works now.  Its either that or I imagined the whole thing lol!! I guess hitfilm doesnt notify you the moment you move the media file, just when you re-open the project. Thanks for the help, sorry to waste your time.

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