The manual bezier are not functioning

The problem for me is:

Whenever I drag the bezel to change only one of the scale values, for example only trying to change the "y - value",  I cannot do so for some reason. When I try, I end up with all of the curves changed. I tried to unlink the values but nothing happened.

I don't know if I formulated myself correctly but just in case, I'm now going to explain this in detail:

Under the transform dialogue, in a layer, there are usually five properties to manipulate (Opacity, Anchor Point, Position, Scale, and Rotation). If you want these properties to change over time, you use keyframes. To make an animation more smooth, you use the smooth interpolation. You can also manually change the smoothness by using the manual bezier. 

In the value graph, there are lines and curves that let you control and visualize how the values of a certain property change over the timeline; this is great for specifying smoothness. By clicking on a property, you are showing and can edit the graph for that property. 

Like I said if the property you chose has multiple values ("Position" for example. It has the y- and x value, two values in total) then there will also be multiple curves that are color-coded (green for y, red for x, blue for z).

The scale property has two values, x-scale and y-scale. I want to manually change the curve only for the y-scale, by dragging the bezier for the y-curve. When I do this, the x-curve changes too, which is not what I want. This does not happen with the other properties. 

This may be a bug or it's not working on Express. If you know what's going on, then please reply. (Also sorry if I made you read through all of that -_-)

Thanks in advance!




  • I complained about this over a year ago and got some "explanation" about how it wasn't possible to separate them. 

    So, do it yourself. Set one axis to 0 and parent the layer to another new point where you manipulate it separately. 

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    This is a misunderstanding. The Bezier curve is for keyframe interpolation of a complete property, not the individual values of the property you are keyframing.. There's only one property, say scale, and one keyframe containing all of the component values at any one point time. If you change the interpolation for the property, you inherently change the interpolation for all the values that make up the property.

    If you want to change the values of a property separately then you have to add points, parent what you want to manipulate to the points then animate the points. For the scale of a 2D layer you would need two points. Use one for manipulating X and the other for Y. Being able to separate things like you want has been talked about before and is on the wishlist but it isn't near as easy to do as it seems at first glance. The discussion where the Devs weighed in is buried somewhere in Palacono's thread.

    Palacono's Bugs'n'Misunderstandings

  • But why does it work with the position? I can keyframe the x and y separately, but not the scale.

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