Simple effects dragging my project down?

I do a normal youtube channel and like to put simple things in it to spice it up.

Today I tried to add 3d (bought the starter pack) and when I play the video (in hitfilm) it lags incredibly bad.  Simple composite shot set at 30 fps.  I've never seen any issues at all with the 7 videos I've made so far.

I then tested something else simple.  I put in the Insect Vision on a word that had motion tracking on it and then adjusted the settings so that the word just looked "bumpy". That too drug the video down. I even rendered the composite shot first and then went to the editor and watched..... still horrible lag.

I just bought this new laptop, which has an i7, 1060 gtx, 16 gb ram and ssd HD.  I wouldn't think computer specs are my issue here.

Is there something I'm not doing right?


  • Insect Vision is what I have previously used for bumpiness on text in the past, with keyframes on the rotation angle to get it to animate, but it is doing a lot of work when you do that, as you have to make a lot of very small lenses, so does slow things down. A lot.

    That was in Hitfilm Express 3 days (maybe 4) but now you've got Heat Distortion and a few others which can do the same sort of thing a lot faster. Try that and turn down whatever it is that causes the semi-transparent feathering and you'll just get bumpy text. Unless you like the feathered patchy look, of course. Also try proxying the composite shots that contain the effects so they're less slow when editing, assuming you only add 'spice' to a few of them.

    By 3D you mean 3D Extrusion on text? Don't recall it making a lot of difference to speed, but it is doing something extra, so will have some impact. Open up the properties in the effect and turn off anything you think you don't need. Like set Comp Lights to Selected and then...don't select any. Something I literally learned yesterday. :)

  • Gotcha.  It just sucks that things are in place that realistically can't be used. (Unless like I said, I'm not doing something right)

    I did try rendering my 3d text extrusion and set it to selected. Seems more smooth now.

    Thanks for the heads up

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    You're working under some incorrect assumptions here. 

    Insect vision isn't a "simple" effect. It's doing a lot of tiling and a lot of refraction. It's actually a complex bit of processing.

    Same with 3D Extrusion. You're faking geometry on the fky, having it sent to lights outside the typical 3D pipeline, and suddenly have environment maps (so, calculating reflection), all of which are complex and intensive.

    You're rendering out composite shots to re-import? What format? If mp4 you've rendered to a format unsuitable for editing. That entire discussion is about 15 minutes long

    Why render anyway? Hitfilm has a proxy function specifically for pre-rendering composite shots to a format that performs quickly in the Editor Timeline. 

    Remember you can turn the viewer quality down. 

    Finally, people do NOT understand that CGI and VFX work is about the most complex use of a computer outside of industrial simulations and CERN. Nobody, but nobody gets real time performance on complex composites, and that's exactly what you just described.

    I just this morning watched three (after effects) tutorials from creators running high end hardware--like multiple Xeon processors or AMD Threadrippers with multiple Nvidia 1080s or Quadros. All three tutorial creators were turning their viewer resolutions to Quarter... Hey, the Visionary Fire tutorial was "only" three layers! Oh, right, particle sims and fake 3D Extrusion.

    To a certain extent tutorials give a false impression (including mine). See, all the tutorial creators tend to speed up their screen captures and/or just cut out times when the computer lags and is rendering. We cheat, but I do get questions on how user X can get his Hitfilm to run as smoothly as mine. Well, I always have to say I speed things up. A lot. 

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