Problem: Video playing half speed when exporting on 30 fps instead of 60.

So I am in my Hitfilm 3 Express Project. In "Project" tab I have set 60 fps, 48000Hz Sample Rate (audio), 4x MSAA.

In Export settings, H.264 I do Timeline: Editor, Content Area, Export audio + video, Full HD resolution, 30 fps, high profile, Level 4.1, VBR, 25 Mbit Target, 30 max. bitrate. Audio Codec 320 Kbps. Now I export and then when watching the finished video the video is playing like half as fast while audio is still original speed. (video too slow, so audio not fitting to video anymore).


  • Export at 60fps and add at least 50% to your bitrates. You'll probably have to Change the Profile type. Increase the number until the warnings go away.

    If you want a 30fps version you'll need to load that exported file back into Hitfilm into a 30fps Project and say "No" when it asks if you want to set the project to match the footage when you add it to the Editor timeline.

    Then export at 30fps. Hitfilm will throw away every alternate frame to stay at 30fps.

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