How to export for Blu-Ray Burn?

Hi, I just installed HitFilm Express and purchased the premium formats pack.  I'm using the software to edit my family videos and need to burn to blu-ray.  I just noticed there's no option optimized for output to blu-ray, but I'd like to output in such a way that there's no reencode necessary when authoring the blu-ray disc.  Any advice?  Thanks!


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    Hitfilm does not have the necessary AVC/H.264 export options settings for a Blu-ray disc. Also, the audio is not within Blu-ray spec. So the authoring software is going to have to do an encode of whatever you feed it.

    I would say that maybe Cineform output might be the best intermediate format, but it depends on if the Blu-ray authoring software supports Cineform. Otherwise your only choice is to feed the authoring software a high bitrate AVC/MP4.

    For Audio you will probably want a separate audio export in a WAV file. This takes multiple steps in Hitfilm. You export AVI without video. That gives you an AVI with audio only. Then you extract the audio into a WAV file. The authoring software will handle the WAV properly.

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    Blu-ray? Export mp4, VBR, target of 15mbps, max bitrate 23mbps. Audio at 48Khz, stereo, 320kpbs.

    Total output of all files should not be more than 20-22GB or so. If files are larger than that you have to lower the export bitrate. 

  • Thanks Triem23!  Will this allow me to author a Blu-ray without reencoding?

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    It should. Blu Ray files are either MPEG-2 or Mp4. Blu ray spec supports playback rates of up to 20mbps, so I gave pretty safe settings. Single layer Blu Ray holds 25 GB of data, but you want to leave a couple gigs for menus and system files. 

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    Blu-ray requires very specific encoding settings. Hitfilm does not support these. One for example is the 4 slice requirement. Another is the VBV requirements. This is if you are trying to create a genuine Blu-ray play plays in a player with the menus and all that. Blu-ray support well above 20Mbps average. Most Blu-rays on the shelf are around 25Mbps average. Blu-ray does not care about average bitrate. Only the max is the limit since the Blu-ray data transfer rate has fixed max (40Mbps max for video).

    The Blu-ray authoring software may be very particular about it's input and may do a re-encode if it cannot be sure of the source. The Vegas DVD Architect software is quite particular.

    Of course a Blu-ray player may work with something out of spec but that is not defined.

    If just a data Blu-ray then anything goes.

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