Playback and program locks up when editing MP4

I Have hitfilm express with the starter and premium formats packs. 

Computer specs

Win 10 home 64bit

i7 4.2GHz

16g ram

Nvidia 1060 6g

While editing a large mp4 the playback will stop audio and vidio but the timer will still run. I need help on how to best edit this format, as it is what my recording software (Xsplit Broadcaster) records in. If anyone has any truly free video conversion software they could recommend as well, that would be helpful as well.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Yes, it's probably largely because of how Xsplit records footage.

    This video covers how encoding works, and how to check your footage for problems and multiple free ways to convert footage to optimize it for Hitfilm.

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