Removing the orange tip from prop guns

i have hitfilm Pro and was woundering if there was a way to remove the orange tip in post like you can in after effects 


  • @MeadeFX ; I watched part of a AE tutorial on this and I'm pretty sure all the tools are available in Hitfilm.  They might be called something else but if you follow the steps in the AE process and find the tool in HItfilm you should be able to replicate the effect with no problem.

  • What is the link 

  • Andersen01498: here is the link you requested

  • @MeadeFX ; Ha.  That's exactly the one I partially watched.  I tried to download the footage to run it through Hitfilm but after the hoops it says the footage is removed   Unfortunately, I don't have any orange tip footage to try it out on, but all those tools mention up to changing the color to black should be doable in Hitfilm.

  • Duplicate the layer, mask out the tip of the gun fairly accurately, feather it and apply a hue and saturation. Select the orange/reds, and desaturate and play with lightness. Hope this helps!

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