Atomic Particles with animated textures

I posted this effect in another thread recently, but for those of you who aren't following that thread, I thought some of you might be interested in seeing an Atomic Particle effect using animated textures on the particles.  The face was imported into HitFilm as a green screen portrait, then procedurally converted to a line drawing to which the Atomic effect was applied.  I used four separate layers of the image, each with different atomic settings, mainly to get more variety into the animated textures, so all the birds weren't all flapping in sync.  The animation for the birds is a simple 6-frame animation I created in Photoshop.


  • This turned out really well, I can see a lot of potential with this kind of effect! 
  • Looks neat.  It made me think of The Mummy where the mummy's face comes out of the sand particles.  It would be a neat effect for a horror movie.
  • Actually, Ridley Scott's Hannibal has a shot in the opening credits where a flock of birds create Hannibal's face too. Cool effect! Definitely gives me ideas.
  • Here's where I have the "I'm an idiot" moment. I haven't been able to bring animated textures correctly into atomic. Considering my particle clone test, I am annoyed with myself that I haven't successfully managed to animate atomic textures yet.
  • They work the same, essentially as animated textures in a particle simulator, Triem23 - you need to have the texture set up as a separate layer on the timeline, then select that layer as the texture source.  For this one, I used PNG images with alpha channels to define the shape, and had them all sequenced inside a comp.  Then I used the comp as my texture source.
    This specific shot was based on one of the trailers for the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, where a face appears in a flock of birds.  Its a much, much shorter clip in the trailer.

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