Maintain audio pitch while slowing/speeding a video and audio?

How come we don't have an option to maintain audio pitch when we slow down or speed up a video? Every other editing software have that,


  • I don't know of any free Editors that do it.

    I know Vegas Movie Studio does it automagically, but that isn't free and it doesn't have the video speed ramping ability that Hitfilm does (only Vegas Pro does and that costs more than Hitfilm Pro), so people on the Vegas forum have that to complain about instead.

    I agree it would be nice as an add on you could buy for Express and included in future versions of Pro.

    You can manually adjust the pitch with the Pitch Effect, as it explains in the Manual:

    Adjusting the pitch can be useful for particular effects, or to counter the natural pitch change caused by adjusting playback speed of a clip.

    You can add a request for an 'auto' version to the Wishlist here: Hitfilm Wishlist

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