Unifying colour, exposure etc. across a video from a range of sources

I' m new to Hitfilm Express and so I'm looking for some advice. I already intend to purchase the 'Starter Pack' add on as this will allow me greater control over the sound output.

My next target is to get all the video inputs looking similar with regard to colour saturation, exposure etc. I'm looking to produce videos related to my travels and will be using a Canon M3, Rocoh WG-M2 and, if necessary, a Sony compact camera. Is there a Hitfilm add on which will allow me to choose one section of footage and have all the others re-graded to be similar? I know it's not that easy, but if I adjusted all the pieces of footage to be 'similar', is there a function which smooths out the inconsistencies in colour saturation, exposure etc?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Look at the Colorist Pack in the Hitfilm Store. Specifically, Grading Transfer.

    Bear in mind Grading Transfer is a "Layer Only" effect, which means it works only in composite shots. Your best workflow is probably to convert each raw clip into a composite shot, do the grading transfer, then cut on the edit timeline using those comps instead of your footage.That way, no matter how you slice, chop, and reorder your clips, every instance will have the Grading Transfer already.

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