UPDATED and Final Halloween Project

In the video, I rigged, textured, modeled my 3d components using 3ds max.  I took advantage of the  .FBX file format in Hitfilm pro-2017.    FOr the ghosts, I used a Halloween Ghost decoration and green screened it. 

Hope you enjoy.  Comments are always welcome.  



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    @Andersen01498 ; Ha Ha, I'm such an idiot.  On rewatching this version I didn't see what I thought I saw before with the hand and thought you had changed it.  I went back to the other one and what I thought was the hand  waving was just it being obscured by the rocks shooting up.  Still a good job of animating; just old eyes...

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Fun, fun! 

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