[Solved] For Older Computers or Those Not Upgraded to OS x 10.10

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O.k. if one has a computer that has legacy hardware or a software development stack that would take weeks to trouble shoot if the OS were upgraded (I'm on Mavericks and have both) is there really no way to get a serial code for Hitfilm Express 3?

This is the best free editing software - it's actually the only editing software (non paid) I've found that actually works 100% (shotcut, open shot, etc. all have problems).




  • Current versions of HitFilm, including Pro and Express 2017, *should* run on OSX 10.9 Mavericks however we no longer support or test for that OS.

    There are no explicit checks in the installer or application that I know of that should prevent it although this will change in the next version.

    I suggest you download the installer and try it.

  • Yep, it  works!

    Thank you.

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