[RESOLVED] Resizing layers does not resize and reposition masks to keep them everything lines up

I have a grid in a composite which is actually a PNG. I set up a grade layer to highlight squares on the grid and then realised that the grid is too large. When I make resize the grid, the positions of the highlights (determined by masked on the grade layer) do not stay in their appropriate relative positions. Can I fix this (without making another composite; that's not practical because then I'd need to set up synchronised animations in to separate composites).

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    Masks are applied before transformations. There is no way to change order of operations.

    But if you're scaling the PNG I would think scaling the grade layer would line up. There's something I must not be getting here. 

  • Update! The behaviour is completely different if I hold Ctrl to prevent symmetrical resizing compared to not holding Ctrl. If I don't hold control, it happens the way you suggest but if you don't, the masks get out of kilter.

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    Well, that makes sense. By not preserving the aspect ratio you misaligned everything! 

  • but the aspect ratio is preserved; the Ctrl key just determines whether the opposite corner moves to meet the corner I'm moving with the mouse. Since I was happy with the lower position of my components, I didn't want the lower edge coming up to meet the handle I was moving.

    That said, I'd still expect the grade layer masks to change their positions and aspect ratios to match everything else, even if I did want to change the aspect ratio. Either way, I think this is a bug/oversight.

  • You can hold down combinations of CTRL, ALT and SHIFT or all three together (I think) to give different scaling results. One of them might give you what you want.

  • Thanks. Ctrl gave me what I wanted except that it screwed up the masks.

  • CTRL does not retain the original aspect ratio. SHIFT+CTRL does.

  • Right, sorry; Shift + Ctrl gave me what I wanted but screwed up the masks, despite retaining the aspect ratio. Ctrl also screws up the masks.

    Using no modifier keys or shift alone does not screw up the masks. It's a bug; I'm just apparently unable to report what causes it properly.

  • How is it a bug? I don't understand what you're trying to do.

    I put a Grade Layer over an image and masked it and applied Brightness and Contrast to a part of it. I then scaled down the Grade Layer with CTRL+SHIFT to retain Aspect Ratio and from one corner, and the mask moved. It got smaller. Then I resized the underlying layer and it matched back up with the Mask again.

    What do you want to happen? Is your Grade layer the same size as the layer below it?

  • I want the grade layer masks to stay in the correct size and shape when Ctrl is pressed like they do when Ctrl is not pressed. This video demonstrates the issue (I forgot to stop recording system sounds, sorry)


  • Hmmm...well the grade layer isn't the same shape and size as the square you want to apply the masks to, so I don't think it can ever work. It has to use a centre of the shape, and an aspect ration to scale by/from and yours don't match.

    You could try changing the properties on the Grade Layer and see if it clips the sides off rather than resizes and see if it can be made to match the squares layer while retaining the masks positions. Might not work though. Or you'll probably need to make the grade layer and the squares their own composite, then you can treat them as a single entity and scale them together in the main comp.

    If there are any animations/keyframes effects etc. on the squares layer, it might lose them, so make a duplicate of it, make the comp, then copy them from the duplicate to the comped sqaures+grade layer version.

    I'm semi-guessing, to maybe  @Triem23 has any better ideas? :)

  • There's some kind of misunderstanding. There's no need for me to do anything; the work around is to use Shift and not Ctrl + Shift and then simply drag my selection back down to where I want it.

    The behaviour is definitely not because of the change of the aspect ratio. The first thing I tried to show in the clip above is resizing with no modifier key which means that the aspect ratio changes. Despite the aspect ratio changing, the mask changes shape in the way that it should. The aspect ratio does not need to stay the same for the mask to stay in the right shape and size and this is shown in the seconds 04 to 06 in the clip above.

    Hitfilm doesn't screw up when you don't hold a modifier key. It screws up because of Ctrl which is a new feature of 2017. Previously it was unavoidable that the opposite corner would move during resizing and the Ctrl modifier was added to address that. It also introduced this bug.

  • Nope, still don't get the problem. CTRL behaviour isn't a bug and as it's a feature that I specifically asked for, I know it definitely works the way I expect it to.

    CTRL works from a corner, but allows free aspect ratio adjustment.
    SHIFT scales around the centre, retaining aspect ratio.
    CTRL+SHIFT works from corner, but with locked aspect ratio.

    So if you want a different behaviour, what do you want it to do?

    They'll only match up if :
    a) the centres are the same (yours aren't) and
    b) the sizes are the same (yours aren't).

    If those things are different: for something that scales towards a corner (different in both instances) or the centre (different in both instances) you'll have to make manual corrections afterwards.

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    Yes but with no modifier key that also allows free aspect ratio adjustment.

    No modifier = Free aspect ratio adjustment + Masks not screwed up

    Ctrl = Free aspect ratio adjustment + Masks screwed up

    Free aspect ratio adjustment does NOT NECESSITATE screwing up the masks, as demonstrated by resizing without holding a modifier key.

    I don't see how the masks getting screwed up could have been a part of your feature request.

    The only benefit of Ctrl to me is that it keeps the opposite corner in the same position so you don't have to move it again afterwards.

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    If I create a Grade Layer with masks and resize it by any and all methods available the masks just move around with it in the same way as anything else does on a layer.  They retain their positions and sizes, just like anything else. They do not get screwed up IF the layers are the same size and have the same centres. If those are not the same, then all bets are off. 

    Make a text with a Grade layer the same size as what's being masked below it (or vice versa) , apply a mask and a brightness affect and adjust as you are now. They'll stay together as they did when I just tried it.

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