Cant upload .mov

I keep getting error mess "file error" when uploading .mov file. Clip is from iphone~ using an HP. Initially it prompted me to install quicktime which I did, I also restarted my pc.  I no longer get the QT error.. now it simply says file error. I am a 1st timer so I am clueless



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Well, there's a few possibilities.

    What are your computer specs: CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and storage?

    Which version of Hitfilm are you using? I'll assume Hitfilm Express 2017.

    Which iPhone are you using? The iPhone 8 and iPhone X encode their videos in a "h.265" format, which pretty much nothing can open.

    To determine the video codec/format you'll need to download a free utility called MediaInfo:

    Drag one of your video files to MediaInfo, select the "Tree" view, then copy and paste the result here.

    The two most likely problems here are having out of date video drivers on your computer (so an update fixes that), or your iPhone is shooting h.265, which means you'll have to use external software to convert the iPhone video into another format before import into Hitfilm.

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