can I just export audio?

I am currently editing a video and I want to export just one audio track so I can clean it up in audacity. I am using Express 2017 and I don't know how to do it. I did figure it out in Express 4. Anyone know how to do it? 



  • You need to create a new export preset and uncheck the video output leaving only the audio output. 

    The user interface has a bug (@Ady) in that once you uncheck the video output it also visually disables the audio output and removes the checkbox. Worry not, the audio is still exported.

  • DannyDevDannyDev Staff
    edited October 2017


    That's not a bug in HitFilm. It's a annoying limitation of the item views in the framework (Qt) that we use.

    Ideally unchecking video should disable the audio checkbox while leaving it checked so as to prevent the user from creating a broken preset.

    However, checkable items cannot be marked as disabled so instead of spending many hours trying to find a workaround, I simply removed it and moved on. 

  • @DannyDev Always fun(?! $@*) working around someone else's issues.

    Of course, if that off kilter something was done by someone else in the office then it is fun, since you can sharpen your elbow and give them a little jab in the ribs. So to speak or literally.

    Then there is the common situation, at least in my history, where you are using some part the software and are thinking or saying aloud, "what moron wrote this". When moron was yourself, then I'm not sure what the proper word for that is.

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