How to make 4K stationary footage look like recording from panning 1080p camera?

I have some footage captured from in a game that's in a high and wide-screen resolution. I'd like to make it look like a camera is panning left and right from a fixed point. Panning the image within the frame does not give this effect:

Would some kind of distortion/warp help? Or creating Hitfilm camera and moving that? (I'm watching Hitfilm 3D camera videos now but not sure how I can use it to make something that doesn't look silly; maybe camera combined with a distortion?

Edit: I'm not sure, but I think adding a 1-4 degrees of rotation might have helped?


  • @THX1139 ; If I recall correctly, @Triem23 did a really in depth installment of Hitfilm University on setting up camera rigs in Hitfilm tgat react like real world cameras.  On my phone right now, so fi ding the right video us a pain, but if you haven't already look there.

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    Is it this one? I can't figure out how to get my grid aligned with the ground as quickly as he did. If I set the same angle to 90 ° as he did, then my grid becomes a single line across the screen because I'm looking at it edge-on.

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    Um. Look up Camera Projection tutorials on the official Hitfilm channel. That's a Pro-only effect, but it will let you remap the image onto 3D planes for depth. Since it's a static camera angle it'll work nicely. Instead of panning a zoomed image, which will always look flat, Projection gives actual depth. Not only could you pan and tilt, you could move the camera!

    In fact, here's the tutorial!

    Oh, aligning a floor plane? Once you turn the plane edge on, grab the blue arrow on the widget and move it down.

    Oh, check your game settings so you can match camera field of view between the game, your projector and your camera.

    Matching FoV is covered here.

  • @Triem23 When are you planning on continuing your series on youtube?

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    When am I planning on continuing? Last August. When will I get to continue is more the question. So damn far behind.... 

  • @triem23 when will you get to continue 

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    Well. I'll hopefully get to do cameras 3 tonight. 

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