geforce 740m not powerful enought ?

Hello! let me first thank you guys for putting this awesome software

I am worrying that my laptop is not powerful enough, the preview screen is very laggy when i do this animation

I have tried to render the composite shot in a proxy buut it takes ages

here is my set up

intel i5 1.6 GHZ

8 gb of ram

64 bit

graphic card is 740 m and is suppose to be 2gb of ram, which is well above what your website hitfilm is suppose to require

any idea ???


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Lot of things going on here.

    First, just understand video editing and VFX is one of the most processor intensive things people do with computers. Even with top-end 2017 model hardware it's unrealistic to expect realtime performance with complex work, especially at 4k.

    Second, most tutorials, whether my Hitfilm University channel, the official Hitfilm channel, Shiny Films, Inscape Digital, Hitfilm Sensei, or shows like Film Riot or Film Learnin'--we all speed up our tutorials. Again, NO ONE  gets real-time performance with complex setups (in fact, in Disney's "Frozen," there's a single frame of "Let it Go" that was rendered on a 24-machine renderfarm that took 173 hours to render). 

    Now, your GPU is over minimum spec--but minimum spec is only that level where the software functions reliably--where Hitfilm is expected to run without crashing. But your GPU is slow. The Intel Hd 4000 is the minimum spec  GPU for Hitfilm. Your Nvidia 740m is a bit under twice that speed. To compare, my Nvidia 980m is about 600% of the speed of your 740m, where the top-end Nvidia 1080 is about 150% faster than my 980m.

    Putting it another way, a current nvidia 1080 is about 1600% faster than your 740m. You have a slow card.

    GPU RAM has nothing to do with speed, but with how much data the card can work with at once.

    Your CPU is an i5, and, given you say it's a 1.6GHZ that's a low end chip, probably an i5 2467m. A current gen i7 is going to be about 350% faster. GPU is more important than CPU in Hitfilm, but that slower CPU still has an effect. 

    Now, other things to look at. What is the storage drive(s) on your machine? SSD or hard drive? Hard drives are much slower than SSDs. And if you have a 5400rpm hard drive (I'd not be surprised), then you have a hard drive unsuitable for video.

    If you're using video clips, what camera or screen recorder is your video from? Screen recorders and most cameras record formats that are absolutely not intended for editing, and perform poorly in most NLEs. You can usually double Hitfilm performance by converting non optimized video to a format optimized for editing. For more information on how codecs work, why some codecs are better for editing and how to convert, well, that's why I made this.

    Otherwise you can reduce viewer resolution, trading preview speed for quality, but, short of buying a new computer, there's not too much you can do other than optimize your source video. Possibly upgrade your storage--especially if it's a slow hard drive. 

  • i have a laptop unfortunetly i have a laptop....

    But thx for all the info, especially the one concerning optimizing video format !

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