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For some of us, October 31, is Halloween.  Why is that important you ask.  Well I'll tell you.  Large pop up Halloween stores have popped up in many large and small municipalities.    One can get props wigs masks and the much coveted both blue and green full body suits including full face covering.  Float those props like a pro.





  • Great idea, pratical effects.

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    @BobDiMarzio ; Hey, I took your suggestion and checked out Halloween Express while I was ordering some props for my 'yet-to-be-filmed' halloween greetings video and they do indeed have full green chroma key body suits but it's twice what I found one at of all places.  For only $27.00!!  Now, if I can just fit my Jabba sized rear into one is a whole 'nother question! 

    Halloween Express did have a teen size for the younger film makers on here for $33, I think it was, and they had different colors as well where I didn't see that at


    Edit:  On further digging on the web I found an even better deal:

    2nd Skin Green suit

  • Bought a green suit after halloween at Target for 75% off. Check out all the places that have them and wait 24 hours after. I get a bunch of cool deals that way. Works for Christmas too. :-)

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