Playback speed?

Hello, I've started to use HitFilm just recently and it has been quite intuitive so far. However I can't find an option to change the speed of the playback itself. Could anyone help me with that?



  • Use the "JKL" keyboard shortcuts. "J" is play backwards, "L" is play forwards, "K" is pause/stop.

    Repeated pressing of "J" or "L" will toggle different speeds.

    These shortcuts are common to pretty much all NLEs, so if you also use something like Final Cut or Vegas, etc they also have "JKL" control. 

  • Thanks! 

    But it seems like I can only make playback go faster, is there a way to slow it down? Or maybe I'm doing something wrong with J/L.

  • I don't think Hitfilm's JKL dies slow-motion playback.

    Something to ask for in the Wishlist thread.

  • Alright, thanks.

    Seems like someone have already added "user definable playback speed" to it.

  • Yup, but more "upvotes" help. :) 

  • Only recently discovered how useful being able to playback at slower speeds is in Vegas Movie Studio. Cutting to the beat is a lot more accurate when  playing at half speed or less. ;) Still sounds normal due to élastique audio stretch/compress. I'll add my vote too. :)

  • Ah, thanks for explaining why this is useful @Palacono

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