Daylight replacement

So I watched the appropriate tutorial but I end up getting too much blue or red or grey in my effect or too much daylight still. Can anyone help me find some good looking settings on these stills to find a good effect?

I am a noob at photoshop and alike effects :/

I want to get a LATE dusk setting with MAYBE a lantern effect (orange) over it but I just need to know how to set them properly as playing around with them really doesn't give the right feel

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  • @SegendaryClips I deleted your embed post to tidy things up once I got your images to display. For future reference the forum needs a direct link to an image before it'll display correctly. With Imgur images, right click on an image and select Open in new tab. The address for the new tab is a direct link that'll work.

  • @SegendaryClips ; So, once I could download your pictures after Aladdin4d so kindly fixed the links, I had a play with the first one.  I am by no means an adept at Hitfilm, but I gave it a whirl.  I'll try the 2nd tomorrow.  Here is a screen cap of my layout showing a before and after as well as my Hitfilm .hfp file but I am running 2017 Pro and I'm not sure which you have.  Hope this works for you, or at least shows you what settings I tweaked to get to this point.

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    @SegendayClips ; Here is a link to the 2nd photo attempt.  I think it is the easier of the two.  By applying a duplicate layer and a mask of the figure in the doorway you can darken the stairwell and surround as much as needed and preserve the orange glow in the doorway.

    Hope these settings are what you are looking for.  One thing that, I think, makes the first one harder to pull of is the harsh sunlight on the day of shooting.  If you plan on a day4night scene it's best to shoot on a cloudy day, or use large white sheets to drape between the sun and your scene to filter the light, and even is possible under a shady tree, and the biggest mistake I have seen in Hollywood movies (and you did not have this at all) is letting the sky show in the shot.  Nowadays, with Hitfilm and such sky replacement isn't as impossible as it used to be but it's extra work.

  • This helps a lot already! I am going to apply most of this on sunday, when I resume working on the footage

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    @SegendaryClips ; After I did the 2nd one and thought about the mask idea, I went back and did the same on the "priest?" walking.  Just his head, so the actor's face wasn't lost.  The trick here will be animating the mask with keyframes to follow along as he moves across the shot, but it can be done.  Hope to see the final project here someday.

  • Final project will be soon. We kept most daylight but I decided to give it more tone with color balance. Shadowing recoloring does a lot already. 

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