How to insert clips without cutting the audio-lane in the editor?

Ok. got my clips aligned up like I wanted,

but need to make some corrections

(like some 0,5 sec clips deleted or replaced).

Problem is: Everytime I cut the clip in the editor,

the music is cut to.


Is there any way to just cut the video but not the audio?


  • I just don't want the audio beeing affected by the length of video-clips!

  • You can unlink the video and audio. Right click menu option. Then the two are completely separate and you can do whatever you want to each. At this point it becomes your responsibility to keep the audio in sync with the video.

  • Holding down ALT (CMD on Mac I think) while dragging media to the timeline will bring in ONLY the audio, or video, depending on which track you drop it on. 

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