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Hey Guys,

I searched for a version that works on my 32-bit computer, so i installed Hitfilm ultimate but the Serial number i got fot Hitfilm Express 2017 wont work on it. So what should i do?


  • Please guys help i need that to work:)

  • @Hannes141 You have a couple of problems here:  1) You cannot get a serial for any versions of Hitfilm prior to Hitfilm 2017 express and/or Pro.  They just cannot be activated anymore. If you had already activated these older version and had a serial in the past they can be reinstalled but not a new install.  2) There no longer is a 32-bit version of Hitfilm available at all. It only supports 64-bit systems.

  • so that means i cannot convert the made movie in mp4?

  • No, since export requires an activated program.

  • So therefore i need a new computer.... thats disappointing

  • @Hannes141 ; You might be able to send your project and all media files used in it to someone who has an activated version for export.  I have done this for a few people in the past.  I'm not certain, but I think my newer version 3 Express, 4 Express, 4 Pro and 2017 Pro should open it all right. I will caution that some media files can be large in size and will take some time to upload to a cloud storage then you can send a link via private message to me if you choose to. Just let me know if you decide to go that route.

  • @tddavis yes that sounds great. So if you just explain to me how we could do this, ill send the files to you

  • @Hannes141 ; The best way I know of is for you to upload your media files ; MP4s, MOVs etc and MP3s or WAVs and your Hitfilm  hfp file to Google Drive or One Drive or Dropbox any cloud resource that you use and then send me a Private message with a link.  Now, if your project just use effects and planes within Hitfilm itself then all I need is the hfp file and you can just email that to  Hotmail has a 25 mb attachment limit so if your files are smaller than that (unlikely with video) you could just email them. Any other questions just ask.

  • @tddavis Thanks a lot:)


  • I just used some effects from Hitfilm itself so i sent just the .hpf file to you in an email:)

  • @Hannes141 ; I'm sorry I wasn't quite clear.  I meant if you didn't use any other files just effects and such.  I need these files to be able to render your project.

    I know .mts files run too large for email so they will have to be up-loaded to a cloud some where then you can email the link so I can download them.

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