How could I create this kind of look/effect and sound? 2 part-question

1. So, I watched    and how could I create a similar look on 1:47 - 1:48?  

2. How do you make your audio sound like if they're underwater 1:46 - 1:49    


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    Thank you

  • You mean, besides actually filming underwater? Light rays and caustics:

  • Thank you inScapeDigital but I only want the audio to sound like on 2nd video 1:46 to 1:49.

  • @Jasonss I think you'll have to tweak the audio in something like Sound Forge or Audacity using the equalizer setting to muffle the audio.  As far as any water sounds that would probably be SFX on one of the free sounds sites.  But I'm just spitballing here.  Like inScapeDigital I thought you were looking for both effects video and audio.

  • Like tddavis and Inscape Digital I thought you wanted to know how to create the visual effect because you ASKED how to create the visual at 1:47.

    Underwater audio would have a muffled sound which can be created in Hitfilm with the Audio Equalizer however, in Express, this is part of the (paid) Starter Pack add-on. Otherwise Audacity is a free audio editor.

    You'll want to pull down all frequency bands from about 1Khz to 20Khz.

    Fluid and water sounds would be other sound effects files downloaded from a SFX site. 

  • It should be noted that the two posted clips are different.  The first one, where he's asking how to recreate the effect at 1:47, is not the same video as the one re: the underwater sound.

    @Jasonss Re: question #1, are you asking about the quick zoom transition?  If so, a really close friend of mine (okay, me) made a tutorial that just might help:


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     @jsbarrett  Holy crap!  I totally missed the first link.  I guess the big gray box distracted me and I fixated on it.  That first one is @Aidin 's recent video on his channel.  He used to be here a lot but I haven't seen any posts from him in a while. @Jasonss I will bet dollars to donuts if you post your inquiry on Aiden's (DigitalBlast) you tube video he will answer you there.  In fact, if you see this today before 9pm eastern time I believe he is doing a live stream.

  • Ah, good spot @jsbarrett. They either want the zoom transition, which you linked, or the chromatic aberration:

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