Fonts in Hitfilm on a Mac

Hi there, I'm creating a title in HitFilm and noticed that the text is a bit low res, and a bit rough. I've downloaded a new font off the internet in hopes it'll be higher quality. Two things, one how do I make the font accessible in HitFilms inbuilt text generator and will that even help, is there a way to increase the quality of the text itself?


Many thanks.


  • Make the text in a separate composite at least 30% larger than you'll finally need it. Bigger the better, really. 

    Drag that composite into the final one and scale it down. It will look smoother than it does with the default Anti Aliasing applied. Although bear in mind you may have been viewing it in Full, or Half resolution, and not AA mode, if you hadn't specifically selected that mode in the Viewer, which will have made it look low res.

  • Re: how to make fonts accessible in HitFilm, you'll have to close HitFilm, install the fonts, then restart HitFilm. Installing a font on a Mac is as easy as double-clicking the font file and following the prompts.

  • Lovely, thank you both very much!

  • To expand on Palacono's post, text in Hitfilm is rasterized as soon as it is created. This is why he's suggesting making your text object larger than you need it to be. That way scaling down the text gives sharpening.

    You don't actually need to put each text object in a composite shot. You can just create the extra large text object and scale it down. I think. @Palacono sanity check me here... If Hitfilm  constantly rasterizes the text (each frame, not on initial creation), then Palacono is correct about nesting the Composite to "bake in" the higher resolution. 

  • @Triem23 Yes, you need to bake it in in a separate Composite Shot.

    It just redraws it when you resize. You can make really tiny text and expand it 1000% and it'll redraw it as if you set the larger point size. Same in the opposite direction, which is not what you (or the OP) need(s).

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