Problem when masking

Hi I'm trying to replicate this effect in hitfilm express 2017 , but I'm not able to modify the mask like in this video, could you help me?


When I try to resize the mask just from the left, the right part also moves, I tried with control key, shift key and alt key but they don't work.

I'm not able to select just a part of the mask and animate it, even I tried to animate just the plane without the mask but the animation doesn't work, How can I do that effect in hitfilm express 2017?



  • You need to change to the mask editing tool, which is the tool indicated by the ink-pen tip in the toolbar to the left of the viewer panel.  That tool lets you modify the individual points of the mask, instead of just the mask's overall position and proportions.

  •  Hahahaha of course, great tip thank you so much!

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