Big issue with Boris Titles - ok in Hitfilm, missing in render

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I have a serious issue with a project, Hitfilm Pro 2017 on Windows 10 Pro Italian.

I have a quite complex composite shot, also including two plane layers (with black background); each plane layer hosts a BCC Title Studio FX instance with some text.

Everything works perfect inside HitFilm. I can see just the text and there's no black solid background - fine and just what I want.

The problem is that in the render (Full1080Hd Youtube or Vimeo), the planes show totally opaque black, and the text is not shown at all.

There are key frames for the plane opacity to make the text fade in and out, but as I said everything shows as expected in HitFilm, and even single frames exported are fine, but the render is totally broken.

This also happens rendering small portions of the composite shot. The render worked some days earlier, it broke yesterday - while no significant change was made on this side of the composite shot.

Any suggestion? Known issue?

Thank you very much,



  • Known issue that will require a patch from Boris.

    I suggest using Boris 3D Text Extrusion, which is Title Studio with less advanced animation. But 3D Extruded Text has fewer problems. 

  • Thank you Triem23, that's sad to know, I hope they patch it soon.

    It's funny that it worked for a while. Thankfully I don't need fancy animations (currently at least), just gradient fills and outlines, so I will probably work around it using Text Extrusion or, worst case, just exporting a frame and working with the resulting image (kinda of proxied :))

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    a while ago i was have a boris-text bug, the hitfilm-staff means: reinstall hitfilm, and the bug was really gone.

    do you have the boris-plane at same comp at the rest or in a subcomp? maybe the demult effect will help to take out the black-plane-colour..

  • @chriguf a reinstall fixed it? I know FXHOME staff has said it's a Boris issue, but if a reinstall is helping I'll certainly want to remember that for the next user encountering the problem. :-) 

  • @chriguf Thank you. I'm sure you've realized I prefer to give helpful advice better than "wait for Boris to issue a patch."

    Hopefully this will also work for Mario, so he can get a perfect render. 


  • I see, I also have Hitfilm Express installed (maybe even with an older version of Boris plugin I purchased for express). Will try removing completely all Hitfilm and Boris stuff and reinstall just HFP.

    Fingers crossed...

    Thanks in the meanwhile,


  • @mabian Please make sure you are running the latest version of HitFilm 2017. If a reinstall doesn't work, could you please contact support? Having the project would help us knowing what's wrong.

    @Triem23 This sounds like an old issue but it should have been fixed a long time ago (it was the first update to HitFilm Pro 2017 if my memory is any good).

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     Hi @CedricBonnier, thanks for chiming in, here is the project:

    Hitfilm version is 5.0.6718.

    I'd also add that one of the BCC instances showed a "Warning: unconnected clips" message in the effect parameters panel in HitFilm (where you can launch the BCC UI, the help, the BCC preferences and so on); I then deleted and recreated the layer, so the message went away, but the issue is still there.

    EDIT: could it be some mix up with HitFilm Express 2017 and its Boris plugin?

    - Mario

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    Well, interesting news: I tried once again and still it was not working.

    Then I uninstalled Hitfilm Express (not 2017, the earlier version) which was installed, even without authorizing the BorisFX plugin I bought a while ago for it.
    Without even rebooting the PC I then launched HFP2017, tried again rendering... and baam it's working!

    The full render is going on as I write. Hopes are high, I'll see how it goes in around 30 minutes :)


    EDIT: I confirm the render totally worked now. Thank you for your help!

    - Mario

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